Cyprus Data Centers

NetShop Internet Services Ltd operates via four carrier-neutral data centers in Cyprus (NSCY01-Nicosia, NSCY02-Nicosia, NSCY03-Paphos, NSCY04-Larnaca). All our Datacenters have a solid presence at the two biggest Internet Exchange Points in Europe which allows to peer with over 300 international providers, forming direct connections to other networks of importance reducing latency while increasing reliability and network performance. Being hosted with NetShop in Cyprus allows you to get connected via numerous carriers with multiple bandwidth options. Our International Capacity is routed both via Pentaskhinos and Yeroskipou Landing stations, removing single-point of failures with regards to landing stations.

The Datacenter sites are equipped with the latest Electricity generators, Cooling systems, Security and Network appliances to ensure that all our internal services and customers' hosted equipment are running 24/7 without being affected by any electricity or network disruptions. Daily on-site proactive checks by the NOC engineers, real-time cooling and heating sensors as well as network and traffic monitoring tools,ensure that the datacenter sites are operating smoothly. We are more than positive to guarantee an uninterrupted service of your hosted servers and equipment even if catastrophic events take place in the island.

UPS and Generators

The Data Center is backed up by a Caterpillar 500 KVA Stand-by Generator. We are using multiple APC 5KVA UPS for providing redundant power to the Data Racks. One 5KVA UPS is shared between 2 Data Racks. So maximum available power per data rack is 2.5KVA A logical Power consumption is included in the monthly fee. Nevertheless, if such consumption as measured by the power meter on the Customer's feed exceeds this logical number then additional charges may apply.

Cooling systems

An RC CCU of 59K BTU is used for cooling the Data Center. A 48K BTU is used as a Backup. Temperature and Humidity are both monitored on the CCU as well as on a Temperature /Humidity Probe.

Security in Data Center

Your servers will strictly only be accessed by yourself. No access or maintenance will be made by NetShop's staff, except for emergency cases, such as fire/ flooding etc. During a Customer visit, access to its equipment shall be allowed upon presentation of photographic ID.

Access to the collocated equipment can be provided as follows:

  • Pre-scheduled escorted access during working hours: A notification at least 24-hours prior the visit is required in order for the visit to be scheduled
  • Pre-scheduled escorted access during NON-working hours: A notification at least 24-hours prior the visit is required in order for the visit to be scheduled. 5 hours per month of total visit hours, or up to 3 visits per month (whichever is met first) is included in the monthly colocation agreement.
  • Un-scheduled (EMERGENCY) escorted access during working hours: A notification at least 2-hours prior the visit is required
  • Un-scheduled (EMERGENCY) escorted access during NON-working hours: A notification at least 2-hours prior the visit is required.

The visiting hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm local Cyprus time.

The Data Centre is Alarmed. The Company's NOC and the local authorities are notified in case of an issue. It is our responsibility to maintain the Data Center correctly protected with a CCTV and Security Alarm solution.

Physical Access to NetShop's premises:

1st Level of security: The Building: After business hours, access to the building can only be made possible via the ground floor, or via the underground parking lot. Both are locked after hours, and access is only possible via access cards with pin codes.
2nd Level of security: The Offices: Access to the Company's office is made possible via other access cards with different pin codes.
3rd Level of security: The Data Hall: Access to the data halls is only possible for a very limited number of Company's employees. This is made via different access cards & codes. RFID access and pass-code is enforced in ALL of our datacenters.

Data Centers capacity

The capacity of the NSCY01 Data Center is for 10 full racks (42U each). Currently there are 8 racks in place with some RU-space availability for additional business customers' requests. Further there is space for additional 3 full racks (42U each). The NSCY02, a purpose-built datacenter, has currently 20 Racks (42U) being utilized by customers and there is availability for a couple of more 42U and 24U Racks to be installed. Additionally, the data center has few more data halls available for future expansion.