Flexi VPS

What is Flexi VPS

Flexi VPS is a product launched in April, 2017. It utilizes the CPU processing power of hundreds of servers in our Cyprus and Malta Data Centers, the large availability of RAM Memory, as well as the large capacity of Centralized storage. The whole infrastructure is designed according to the best Security Standards taking into consideration the Best Practices for High Availability and Business Continuity that we deploy in all our European Data Centers. Due to the large number of hardware utilized to serve the Flexi VPS servers, clients enjoy top performance in terms of CPU Processing speed, Disk I/O and Memory availability. All resources can be adjusted on demand and on-the-fly through the myNetShop portal.

Flexi Features

  • Instant Reboots
  • Increase CPU
  • Add Memory
  • Resize Hard Disk
  • Stop / Start Instances
  • Add / Remove IP Addresses

1024 MB

2048 MB


7 CPUs

3 CPUs


50 GB

170 GB

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