iGaming Colocation & Enterprise Hosting Solutions

Focus on your core business whilst we take care of the hosting infrastructure aspect.

With Data centers in Cyprus and Malta, NetShop is amongst the most popular providers for igaming and betting hosting infrastructure. Our services can be tailored to the needs of gaming-centric applications for online gaming operators as well as for all kinds of betting software.

What we can offer

Above-standards Colocation Services

  • - Procurement of hardware - Servers, Networking devices, Firewall, Storage equipment etc
  • - Physical installation of hardware in our Rack cabinets
  • - Software Installations (Linux & Microsoft) and Troubleshooting Assistance
  • - Switches, Firewall and VPN Configuration
  • - 24x7 On-site engineers to support your business at any time
  • - Dedicated Engineers for high-end infrastructure solutions

Failover and Load Balancing solutions (Windows and Linux environments)

Fully Managed Infrastructure Support

Best Service Level Agreements

Network, Hardware and Application Monitoring and Alerting via Email and SMS

Application and Hardware-level Backup Solutions (Real-time, Daily, Weekly)

Disaster Recovery via multiple Data Halls and Network Carriers

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Our Data Centers


We operate via three carrier-neutral data centers in Cyprus (NSCY01, NSCY02, NSCY03). All Datacenters have a solid presence at the two biggest Internet Exchange Points in Europe which allows to peer with over 300 international providers, forming direct connections to other networks of importance reducing latency while increasing reliability and network performance.

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Both two datacenters (NSMT01, NSMT02) in Malta are ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified. Your hardware will be housed within state-of-the-art facilities with a total capacity of approximately 340 rack cabinets. The datacenters are situated in a light industrial area where there are no hazards or nearby possible business that might put our services or your business in a risk.

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United Kingdom

With 2 Data Centers in the UK and more than 10 data halls and a Net Capacity greater than 56,441 ft² we benefit from economies of scale to offer our customers the most scalable, reliable and flexible solution for their UK-based hosting/infrastructure needs. All our UK datacenters are purpose-built with diverse fibre routing via multiple Tier 1 carriers and truncated internal cable network.

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