Innovative payment flexibility schemes for Startups

As a Startup business, your budget is best spent on Marketing and Advertising campaigns.

We are one of the very few providers that, not only understand your budget constraints, but will accommodate the best possible financial terms within your budget.

What is about

Our flexible payment and budget-oriented plans concern those businesses that intend to join the Online Gaming industry in Cyprus, Malta or the United Kingdom.

Without too many eligibility criteria or hidden terms, we welcome any iGaming Startup businesses to give us a call (or drop an e-mail) to discuss the means NetShop can be of your financial support.

We would like to know more about you and your project. These are the main topics we will focus on:

  • - Programming Environment of your Application, i.e. Windows or Linux
  • - Country of your Company's Incorporation
  • - Online Gaming Licence Type
  • - Current Stage of your Licence's Application
  • - Financial Status and Budget Limitations

As flexible as you want us to be. We will help you launch and grow.

Incubators and Capital ventures are very welcome to contact us for any partnership inquiries.

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