Certified, Carrier-Neutral, Multi-Site Infrastructure in Europe

NetShop DataCenters

Cyprus Data Centers

NetShop Internet Services Ltd operates via four carrier-neutral data centers in Cyprus (NSCY01-Nicosia, NSCY02-Nicosia, NSCY03-Paphos, NSCY04-Larnaca). All our Cyprus Datacenters have a solid presence at the two biggest Internet Exchange Points in Europe which allows to peer with over 300 international providers, forming direct connections to other networks of importance reducing latency while increasing reliability and network performance. Being hosted with NetShop in Cyprus allows you to get connected via numerous carriers with multiple bandwidth options. Our International Capacity is routed both via Pentaskhinos and Yeroskipou Landing stations, removing single-point of failures with regards to landing stations.

The Datacenter sites are equipped with the latest Electricity generators, Cooling systems, Security and Network appliances to ensure that all our internal services and customers' hosted equipment are running 24/7 without being affected by any electricity or network disruptions. Daily on-site proactive checks by the NOC engineers, real-time cooling and heating sensors as well as network and traffic monitoring tools,ensure that the datacenter sites are operating smoothly. We are more than positive to guarantee an uninterrupted service of your hosted servers and equipment even if catastrophic events take place in the island.

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Malta Data Center

NetShop's new 900m² datacenter (NSMT01) in Malta (ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified) is housed within two state-of-the-art facilities with a total capacity of approximately 340 rack cabinets. The datacenter is situated in a light industrial area where there are no hazards or nearby possible business that might put the datacenter's operations and our customers in a risk. The main reason of launching services via this new data center in Malta is to serve our existing and future customers in the gaming and betting industry. However, we do have the experience and the required knowledge to provide hosting management services to companies and individuals from any industry.

The Data Center is operating via two main Internet Service Providers, GO and Vodafone, which have submarine cables terminating in Sicily and passing via diverse routes. We have a redundant and fault tolerant network topology with links cross-connecting our sites and carriers. All carriers are present at both sites and the external links at one site can operate as a failover backup for the links at the other site.

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UK Data Centers

Over the years, NetShop Internet Services has established crucial business alliances with Tier-1 providers and data center owners in the UK. Today, we are proud for having a self-owned infrastructure in 8 data centers (NSUK01 - NSUK08) across the United Kingdom. With more than 10 data halls and a Net Capacity greater than 56,441 ft² we benefit from economies of scale to offer our customers the most scalable, reliable and flexible solution for their UK-based hosting/infrastructure needs. All our UK datacenters are purpose-built with diverse fibre routing via multiple Tier 1 carriers and truncated internal cable network.

Any leased hardware or colocated equipment can be hosted in multiple UK DCs which have no single point of failure between each other. In addition to our tight SLAs for hardware replacement, we can guarantee even a 100% Network and Hardware Uptime for mirrored and load balanced solutions implemented across NetShop's UK Data Center sites.

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