Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery from NetShop

NetShop is always working and developing better ways to refine our High Performance Options so that we can handle and fix new and growing technological threats so your data always stays intact, we are always a step ahead offering and fixing issues to prevent future disasters so your data is always secure and safe. Because we try to ensure our customers peace of mind we offer High Availability so you don't have to worry about downtime and data loss that occur from various disasters. With our data centers in Cyprus, UK and Malta we provide you with Geographic Redundancy and safety in the web hosting market. With Geographic Redundancy we have the ability to replicate your whole set of data in two geographically different sites, therefore, in case of a failure all your applications will switch from one site to another.


Geographic Redundancy (Cyprus, Malta, UK)
Network & Power Redundancy
Data Hosted in Disaster Neutral Areas
High Availability Setups
Various Backup Plans
24/7 Support

Protect your company's data

Our company's reputation is related with the offer of safer and respected recovery solutions, thereat our customers trust us for our hosting services knowing that any disaster will not affect their data/clients/money. With data centers in Cyprus, UK and Malta located in disaster neutral areas, is a main reason to favor us. Along with, the various number of available plans ready to be tailored to your every need and specially designed to help you backup your important data and arrange your servers in the manner that best suits the type of security for your business needs.

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