Infrastructure Services

The range of our infrastructure managed services will help you setup and run your systems more efficiently.

Our 24/7 on-site engineers team can become your outsourced IT assistants for:

  • Server and Systems Administration
  • Hardware Management


    A designated technical account Manager will be your single point of contact
    SLA-based response time for troubleshooting and resolution of any issues
    Bespoke infrastructure management solutions
    Reduced costs for your company
    Assistance by engineers who understand your project and services
    24/7 Support via Skype, Email and Phone

    Server Administration

    • Initial installation, configuration and security hardening of the server
    • Management of administrator control access
    • Real-time monitoring of critical services and daemons
    • Monitoring and analysis of disk usage levels
    • Software and OS upgrades, patches and service packs
    • Setup of backup processes
    • Resolution and recovery from OS failures
    • Installation and management of Virus protection

    Moreover, our Server Administration services include 24/7 support for the following:

    • Active Directory Services
    • Group Policy Objects
    • Fileservers, NAS and DAS Systems
    • Microsoft IIS, Nginx or Apache Web Servers
    • Any Virtualization Technology, such as ESX(i), Hyper-V, Citrix XEN, etc

    Hardware Management

    Our Hardware Management service includes pro-active monitoring, regular/scheduled hardware maintenance tests and on-time action by on-site engineers in the case of a hardware failure. Despite having parts and components in stock in all our Data Centers, we will also liaise with any necessary hardware vendors to acquire anything you may require at any given point in time.

    Equipment Collection

    We can arrange the Collection of your equipment from various Logistics partners (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc). Once we receive them we are giving them a unique identifier for our Asset Management System and inform the customer about its expected Delivery.

    Equipment Installation

    Our Engineers can undertake any server replacement – installation task always with the guidance of the customer and manufacturer best practices.

    Equipment Recording in Asset Management System

    We will be sharing an Asset Management System (ASM) with the customer and update the ASM with the latest adjustments – additions for both parties to be fully updated with all the details.

    Hardware Maintenance/Checks

    Our certified technicians with 10+ years of experience in various hardware vendors can perform any given task in a timely manner firmware upgrades for your equipment with the latest patches for security and new features.


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