Help Your Business Achieve Maximum Potential

NetShop, offers the most progressive solutions for your business networking needs. Some of the company's needs can be from email marketing services to e-commerce solutions or storage area networks (SAN) to backup. We offer a wide range of full-featured suites that offer a customizable management interface that will give you the ease of use and always cater your business needs.

Our specialists are available 24/7 to discuss, create and implement with your company's IT department so we both find the best solution for your business. NetShop has the ability to inspect your network with real time updates, delivering extensive usage statistics while providing dedicated attention by our technicians.

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Record Response/Resolution Times
  • Premium Tier-1, Highly Redundant Network
  • Locations in Cyprus, UK and Malta
  • Around the Clock Monitoring
  • Helpful Billing & e-commerce Tools
  • Small and Midsize Businesses always want to focus on uptime and performance. In a hosting infrastructure we offer high availability solutions such as:

    Web Servers
    Cisco Firewalls
    Cisco Switches
    Managed High Availability Database
    Redundant Load Balancers

    For more information about our Small and Midsize Business Solutions, please contact our Hosting Specialists team.