SSL Certificates

Protect the data being transmitted and avoid malware infections - Industry's Cheapest SSL Certificates

All of our SSL certificates are issued directly by trusted certification authorities which all Web browsers recognise.

SSL encryption works by the server sending a public key to your Web browser. Your Web browser uses this public key to encrypt any data which is to be sent to the website. If a 128-bit encrypted transmission was being eavesdropped by a malicious user — by today's computing standards — the Universe would end before it can be deciphered. As a matter of fact, our cheapest SSL certificate offers 128-bit to 256-bit encryption.

Types of SSL Certificates we offer
  • Standard SSL Certificates
  • High Assurance Certificates
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • SAN Certificates
  • SGC Certificates
  • EV Certificates
  • Code Signing Certificates
  • Trust Seal
  • Web Site Anti-Malware Scan
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