E-mail Marketing Services

The most cost effective way to publish targeted news and measure results.

NetShop Internet Services has been providing internet marketing services to soletraders, small-to-medium businesses and organizations since its first operating year (2004). At a time when digital marketing was not as popular as today, especially in Cyprus, we had the knowledge and the required skills to help the local businesses to benefit from the rapidly growing world of e-commerce.

The provision of e-marketing consulting services focuses, mainly, on two types of businesses: The start-up companies that want to operate in the e-commerce context and businesses already operating in the traditional market but have decided to sell their products and services electronically as well. The Measurability of Results is undoubtedly the main factor that gives Digital Marketing a significant edge over traditional marketing.

NS Email Marketing Platform (EMP) Features

- Advanced email marketing platform with powerful features. It allows you to create, send and manage your newsletters providing complete subscriber behavior statistics
- Know who, where and when subscribers click in your newsletter. Understand your customers by analyzing their behaviour and increase your CTR and conversion rates
- Send emails through our legitimate mailserver farm, using your own brand's domain name
- Guarantee for email delivery to your customers' INBOX

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